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Your village allows homeowners to act as a contractor for their own home remodeling projects. It must be noted, however, that a permit is required for all projects in which an addition or alteration will be done to the property. Additionally, projects that require the alteration of the roofline of the existing structure must have drawings sealed by an Illinois licensed architect or structural engineer. Lastly, check the covenants for your subdivision before proceeding with any work; individual subdivision covenants may have special requirements and restrictions.

Obtaining a Permit

Although people consider obtaining a permit to be a burden, it does serve a critical role in any construction project. Having a permit entitles each homeowner:

  • Provides inspectors to answer questions:
  • Offers some security from contractor fraud:
  • Allows inspectors an opportunity to verify that the contractor is working in a professional manner.


  • INSIST ON A WRITTEN CONTRACT Obtain a written contract and make sure you understand the terms. Include a time frame for the completion of the project, but do not rush. Include terms of a payment plan and agree as to who will handle additional unforeseen expenses.
  • MAKE SECURE PAYMENTSIt is not unusual for a contractor to require some money up front before construction starts. Never pay the full cost of the job up front. If a contractor insists on full payment up front, run to a legitimate contractor. A deposit of 10-20% is the normal for any contractor to request up front.
  • CONDUCT INTERVIEWS WITH POTENTIAL CONTRACTORS. Remember the contractor is working for you. Be certain that you are comfortable working with this person. Additionally, talk with friends and neighbors: people who have had experiences with contractors (good or bad) are always willing to share their knowledge.
  • CHECK WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. Checking with the Better Business Bureau will give you an opportunity to assess a potential contractor’s work history.
  • VERIFY THE HANDLEING OF INSPECTIONS.Come to an agreement as to who will handle the permit and inspection process. If the contractor is scheduling the inspections, ask for copies of the results and keep them with the permit.
  • MAKE SURE THE CONTRACTOR HAS INSURANCE.Without insurance you may be liable if a worker is hurt in your home. Your village does have an ordinance requiring all contractors working within village limits to be licensed and bonded.
  • ASK FOR AT LEAST 3 REFERENCES. Make sure that the sources had work done that is similar to your proposed project.
  • GET AT LEAST 3 BIDS.Check material pricing with that of your local building supply store to see if the price quoted is fair.
  • ESTABLISH A REASONABLE TIMEFRAME. If the contractor states the project will take 8 weeks, do not insist on 6 weeks: doing so might affect the quality of the work.

As the true hub of your Palatine home, your kitchen is literally where the magic happens – it's where families come together and where meaningful memories are made. At Cypress Builders, our kitchen remodels concentrate both on the attractiveness and functionality of your kitchen to make sure that everything is perfect from top to bottom.

Available all the way from assisting with design to putting the final touches on your kitchen, we'll guide every step of the process, from sourcing fixtures and appliances at the right price to adding custom-built cabinets and trim work that makes your kitchen stand out from the crowd. With peerless kitchen remodeling experience, you'll see the Cypress Builders difference.

We understand that budget is always a concern with a kitchen remodel and for that reason, we'll always search deep to find the best deals possible. Keeping your costs low while providing the best bang for your buck is what we do. Our pricing is completely transparent and the final invoice will clearly show all items and materials as well as the labor expense.

Get a top level renovation done with Cypress Builders and start enjoying your time in the kitchen.

When quality matters, call 847-963-2303 for a local contractor that delivers.

Based in Palatine, Cypress Builders provides quality remodel and construction services.


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